Cubic Zirconia Yellow Diamond Ladies Ring

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This beautiful ladies ring sparkles just like a diamond. Measurement of stone is 8mm x 6mm. Ring Size 8, 3/4 inch inside diameter. We have slightly different sizes - please quote your size with payment, and we will do our best to please.

Russian scientists developed Cubic Zirconia as a dense clear material through which laser light can be reflected. Then in 1975 one of their scientists cut and polished the rough cubic as you would a diamond - Voilà, cubic zirconia was born! The manufacture is quite remarkable. A man made compound, bevelidite, is melted at temperatures exceeding five thousand degrees - and then an incredibly high electrical current is sent through it, causing the compound to crystallize. These chunks of cubic ziconia, similar to rough diamonds mined in Africa and Russia, are then cut and polished by trained diamond cutters to exact specifications.

The results are absolutely uncanny! There have been several tests where a top of the line quality cubic zirconia was examined together with a five million dollar genuine diamond by professional diamond evaluators. Eventually they concluded that both were fakes! This goes to show how clever technology has become in the advancement of man-made Jewelry. Using the naked eye, even a trained jeweller can't detect the difference between good cubic zirconia and genuine diamonds. Both are fully faceted, cut and polished.

Jewelry Care

1. Care for it exactly as you would if it were genuine diamond Jewellery. Liquid Jewellery cleaners and ultrasonics work great.

2. Toothbrushes along with a combination of soap, ammonia and warm water work great.

3. Remember a dirty diamond won't shine either, so keep cubic ziconia as clean as your fine jewellery.