Blister Mother-of-Pearl Leaf Pendant

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Price is per pendant with blister pearl in the middle.  As these are all natural, each will be slightly different - so picture is only a guide. Average measures 48mm x 45mm x 10mm, and is drilled ready to thread.

NOTE: The present stock is slightly bigger  than the one in the picture .

Note the beautiful gold edges.

The shining, playful, reflected light of mother-of-pearl has attracted attention since ancient times. Over time, different technology has turned mother-of-pearl into many uses, apart from jewellery. Today, it's dyed every colour under the sun - creating attractive, colourful jewellery at affordable prices.

Mother-of-pearl is formed by the mollusks as a protective shell. Like the pearl it's a secretion of the mantle, composed of alternate layers of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. Among the chief sources are pearl oysters from tropical seas.