Polished Free-Form Light Orange Carnelian Nugget Beads

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Price is per 13.5-inch string of these beautiful shiny nugget beads - about 26 to 27 beads to the string.

Each measures around 15mm x 12mm x 12mm. NOTE: one or two of these may have natural black inclusions which is characteristic to this stone,  few beads in the string are pale white.

Carnelian is for confidence. It's red colour stems from iron oxides and is said to help blood disorders and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Another stone from the quartz family, usually bright orange to reddish orange, and is translucent to clear. Carnelian is for confidence. Said to help blood disorders and eliminate toxins from the body. Carnelian is in tune with the energies of the Earth, making you feel anchored and comfortable with your environment. Allowing you to pause and reflect, while feeling settled and more secure. Carnelian also stimulates energy that influences the reproductive organs; hence it¿s long use as a fertility symbol. It is said to stimulate creativity and have a clearing effect, replacing negative energy with positive. Making it easier to find direction and feel in control of your life. A good stone for people starting new projects or who feel they are going nowhere. It motivates, allowing you to find the energy to make the most out of life.

Carnelian is best for people with the zodiac sign of Leo.